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October 11 - 27, 2019

By: Molière
Adaptation By: Richard Wilbur
Directed By: Lenny Banovez

Molière’s most popular and wickedly funny play of deception, hypocrisy and false morality. Tartuffe masquerades as a pious man of the cloth while working to swindle the gullible Orgon out of his fortune, daughter, and reputation. But everyone else in the household smells a rat. When Tartuffe is threatened with exposure, he ups both the ante and the hilarity in this laugh-out-loud comedy.

*May not be suitable for children under 13.

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cast and crew

Orgon: Annalisa Loeffler*
Damis: Dominque Rose
Clente: Alyssa Van Gorder*
Valere: Julia Klinestiver
Tartuffe: Laura Menzie
Elmire: Laura Frye*
Dorrine: Wesley Cady
Marianne: Psacoya Guinn
Pernelle: Rachel Davenport
Ms. Loyal: Analiese Puzon
Officer: Gracen Barth

Chrissy Taylor
Ariana Ortmann

Scenic Design by Natalie Taylor Hart
Lighting Design by Nils Fritjofson
Sound Design by Lenny Banovez
Content Creator: Tamir Eplan-Frankel
Costume Design by Anthony Paul-Cavaretta
Scenic Charge: Tracie VanLaw
Props Design by Analiese Puzon
Production Stage Manager: David Jackson
Production Manager: Gracen Barth
Technical Director: Chris Higgins

* Appears courtesy of the Actors Equity Association.